Basil Essential Oil


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100% Basil essential oil (Ocimum basilicum L.)

Country of Origin: India

Aroma: mint-herbal

Bottle capacity: 5 ml


  • restores the acuity of the sense of smell
  • optimizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract
  • relieves the symptoms of colds and flu (runny nose, cough, headache)
  • effective against microbes, food bacteria, yeast and mould
  • relieves muscle tension after intense workouts
  • it has a pronounced analgesic effect


  • reduces anxiety, fear, nervousness and tension
  • relieves stress and fatigue
  • eliminates the manifestations of nervous exhaustion
  • the fragrance of sexual creativity


  • helps with acne and other skin infections
  • for treatment of furuncles
  • used to reduce sebaceous secretion of the scalp
  • reduces warts