Mountain lavender essential oil


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100% lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil

Country of origin: France

Aroma: beautiful, harmonious and slightly herbal. Sweet, refreshing with a woody undertone

Volume: 5 ml

Properties of mountain lavender essential oil


  • used to prevent Alzheimer’s disease;
  • indicated in stroke rehabilitation;
  • effective for the prevention and treatment of diabetes;
  • relieves headaches, effective for migraines;
  • helps with motion sickness.


  • gives self-confidence;
  • reduces feelings of anger;
  • dries up women’s tears;
  • helps to relax and fall asleep when overworked;
  • invigorates and tones up with emotional apathy;
  • reduces anxiety and stress;
  • improves sleep.


  • is an anti-burn agent;
  • relieves redness;
  • brightens the skin;
  • the strongest antiseptic, helps with acne;
  • disinfects and restores the barrier function of the skin after shaving and depilation.

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